Welcome to Xenia Youth Wrestling!

Xenia Youth Wrestling (XYW) is a non-profit youth wrestling organization that focuses on learning the basics and having fun!  Membership is open to any boy or girl in grades pre-K through 6th grade (ages 4-13) who resides within or attends a school located within the boundaries of the Xenia City School District.

Our website will post team communications, schedule and general information. Check back regularly for new and updated announcements.


XYW is an introductory program for youth wrestling and focuses on learning the fundamentals of wrestling.  It is closely aligned with Xenia Community School Wrestling Programs and the Miami Valley Kids Wrestling Association (MVKWA).  XYW practices 2-3 times a week and participates in many tournaments throughout the season.

We participate in the Miami Valley Kids Wrestling Association (MVKWA). MVKWA is the 11th largest youth wrestling league in the country. It consists of 72 teams as far north as Ada, Ohio, south into Fayette County; east to Springfield and west to Connersville, Indiana. Xenia was one of the first youth wrestling organizations in the league.

MVKWA tournaments are always held on Sunday from 1:00-4:00 pm. Teams generally arrive before noon and most wrestling is completed by 4 o’clock (with the exception of Regionals and the Nutter Center)

Working with both the Junior High and High school plays an important part of XYW, to ensure consistency in our programs as the kids grow and develop into mature athletes.

XYW is a "recreational" level, introductory program. We are focused on growing our youth with discipline and love for the sport. We do not "travel." All tournaments will be within the greater Miami Valley area and there is no "state" tournament. We wrestle seasonally and are focused on giving children in the Xenia area a basic, fundamental understanding of wrestling. If you are interested in an all year league or a travel team, please email and we can provide that information. 

Head Coach & Director

Sara O’Banion is not only a wrestling mother herself, but has been a member of the XYW team for 4 years. Sara’s wrestling background includes being the statistician for the Xenia Wrestling teams during her youth as part of her education. Sara stated for the Xenia teams through junior high and high school as well as intermittently through college.


Everyone will practice together for the first week or so of practice. Practice will be held from 6:30-7:30pm. Eventually we will pair based on age, weight and experience. This is designed to help the younger children gain more technique and learn the concepts separate from those more advanced and returning. 

We will begin practices the week of November 9, 2018  Practices are held in the Xenia High School wrestling room.